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Re-read disk size after resize
Setting up a APT repository
CentOS 7 - fwbuilder
Configuring lwresd
Joining Linux to AD
Bash aliases I use
Debian chroots
Debian Jessie - on Wheezy Xen dom0
Debian Jessie grub-xen-host
Debian Jessie Upgrade
systemd sleep script
Watchdog with systemd
Commands slow after dbus restart
List kernel/non-kernel processes
Adding dependency with systemd
Xen - Live migration different CPUs
fsck initrd - /init touch not found
EFI - HP laptop
Debian unattended upgrades
Avoid restart of openvswitch
SpamAssassin and MIMEDefang
DRBD - Xen live migration
Raspbian perf tools
TOTP on debian
Debian securing HTTPS for Apache
ffmpeg encoding/transcoding
SSS on Debian
Fix brightness buttons on HP EliteBook 840 G3
GTK2/GTK3 appearance in KDE
HP System management homepage
Connecting to HP Proliant iLO
Lets encrypt
Recompiling amanda with krb5 support
Automount fs - USB
Spindown USB attached disk
Open vSwitch - Stretch
Libvirt KVM QEMU
Konsole Copy with Ctrl-Shift-C
Initialize amanda backup HDD
Konsole KDE scaling workaround
Emacs ALT-V fix with Swedish Dvorak
Swap Left shift and Ctrl (useful on Typematrix keyboards)
Laptop keyboard configuration
Create shared c++fs lib for PRELOAD with Citrix client
Systemd Nspawn Containers
GRUB uses local language
Create USB bootable Windows install
KDE interferes with Emacs s-l (super-l or win-l if you want)
Debian live with persistence
Bluetooth DBUS volume control
KWin Wayland
B&W MM-1 wireplumber/pipewire
rsyslog removal

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