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Default administrative distance

Taken from quagga but is still the same in quagga 0.99.24
Reordered them according to their value for easier reading

/* Default Administrative Distance of each protocol. */

From IRC about OSPF tags and other things not working for me

19:52 < sunkan> I'm trying to use BGP communitys and OSPF tags to be able to have multiple redistribution points, but I can't seem to get the
                "redistribute bgp route-map bgp-to-ospf" part to work. The route-map matches on a community-list which in turn should match on
                the community. But it seems as whatever I specify in the community-list it makes no difference (just as if I had only specified
                "ip community-list 10 permit/deny" with no community specified)
19:53 < sunkan> I don't have any experience of this previously so working examples would be great, I don't have so much experience with BGP in
                general either.
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20:25 < me_not_you> patdk-wk: increase in what?
20:25 < patdk-wk> performance :)
20:26 < patdk-wk> just trolling
20:36 < me_not_you> ah performance is well worth it.
20:36 < me_not_you> we have a test that pre patches took 5 minutes, now take ~5 seconds
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20:41 < paul> sunkan: should work... there are some brief examples in the docs, did you look there?
20:42 < sunkan> paul: Yes I have looked there but I did not see any that used redistribution, or have I missed that somehow?
20:43 -!- fabled [~tteras@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:53 < sunkan> paul: Would you mind checking if this looks sane?
20:58 < paul> sunkan: ah, you can't match on communityies in the route-map used in ospf context.
21:00 < paul> sunkan: when the route is redistributed, only basic routing information is attached to it from that point on. The protocol 
              specific info, i.e. BGP attributes are gone.
21:00 < sunkan> paul: Ok, I suppose I don't understand how it should work then. You understand what I am trying to do right?
21:06 < paul> sunkan: i'm surprised you're even allowed to input that.
21:07 < sunkan> paul: Can I filter that with "neighbor route-map ospf-to-bgp in" instead (I suppose I would need two different 
                route-maps - one for redist and one for the neighbor?)
21:08 < sunkan> paul: Don't know if it matters, but this is on a VyOS router so normally the commands are entered from the VyOS cli not through 
                vtysh. I chose to show commans from vtysh assuming that is what folks here are familiar with..
21:08 < paul> sunkan: i can see what you're trying to do. the 'set tag ...' thing is an extension methinks... regardless thouh I don't think 
              'match community 10' can work in the bgp-to-ospf routemap.
21:08 < paul> cause that is evaluated by ospfd
21:09 < paul> and the routes ospfd gets do not have a BGP community attached.
21:09 < sunkan> paul: I have looked at the output from "show route-map ..." and that also shows indication of what you are saying, if I 
                interpret that output correct that is.
21:10 < paul> sunkan: if you filtered on the prefix, that should work.
21:11 < sunkan> paul: I know prefix is an option, but I'd prefer using tags/communitys if possible as that is more of a set-and-forget 
                configuration on the routers that do redistribution.
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21:40 < paul> sunkan: try just setting tags. So on BGP side you set a tag, and ospf match on the tag.
21:41 < paul> but... upstream quagga doesn't have that, note. if it works, it's cause VyOS added it.
21:41 < paul> (which the commands you pasted suggest)
21:42 < sunkan> paul: Hmm.. I'm not aware that they have made any major changes.
21:42 < sunkan> paul: Thing is I know I decided not to use tags a long time ago due to missing support, but when I checked recently I found 
                information suggesting otherwise.
21:43 < paul> sunkan: well, we don't have that 'set tag' command so they must have added that.
21:43 < paul> there was a tag patch.
21:43 < sunkan> paul: I'm sure you know better than me ;)
22:05 < sunkan> paul: I just installed Quagga that comes with Debian stable, it can use "set tag" in route-map as well. Are you sure 
                it's not in the general Quagga? I could not see that it had been added by VyOS either when diffing their source and the upstream 
22:06 -!- me_not_you [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
22:10 < paul> sunkan: ah.. well, ripd/ripngd have such a command.
22:10 < paul> sunkan: but bgpd and ospfd don't.
22:11 < paul> sunkan: so, that command isn't even making it to ospfd or bgpd in your configs.
22:11 < sunkan> paul: Oh I see what you mean.
22:12 < paul> sunkan: you're uisng a unified cli, it knows which commands are accepted by which daemons, it sends them only to them.
22:12 < paul> unfortunately, it doesn't know you were expecting them to go to ospfd and/or bgpd.
22:15 < sunkan> paul: Ok, well then that means that OSPF tags are not working with quagga at this time.. Thanks for making that clear to me.
22:15 < paul> sunkan: right, correct.
22:16 < paul> sunkan: there is a patch to add support for adding tags generally.
22:17 < sunkan> paul: Ok, I will have to look into that or go for another solution (like filtering on the prefix as you mentioned)
22:18 < paul> a prefix is a tag of sorts...
22:18 < paul> certainly so in a clean network ;)
22:18 < paul> but i can understand further groupings than just allowed by the prefix may be desirable.
22:19 < sunkan> sunkan: Yes, and as it is now it should be no big issue with using that. I'm just a bit worried that someone might forget and 
                use a network in the wrong network as things evolve.
22:21 < sunkan> paul: Also I think it may be due to the fact that VyOS activates all daemons (including RIP) that makes it possible to create a 
                route-map with "set tag" in it. When I tried with only OSPF and BPG enabled the "set tag" was silently ignored when I entered it.
22:24 < paul> ah, maybe.
22:32 < sunkan> paul: Yes I can confirm that if I shutdown ripd the tag is also "ignored" in the quagga that is in VyOS.
22:33 < sunkan> paul: Thanks again for your help, will have to discuss with the collegues tomorrow on how to proceed knowing this..
22:33 < paul> cool.
22:33 < paul> can probably find that patch back if needs be.
22:33 < sunkan> paul: I doubt we will go that route but if so I'll come by and ask.
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